My View on Coffee

I am writing about coffee. I think coffee makes a good morning drink because It wakes me up and it has a nice flavor. I like coffee that has a smooth and dark flavor. I like to drink it plain. My favorite type of coffee is whole bean. I am not a big fan of instant coffee. Most instant coffee has a weird mud flavor. It is watery, bitter and it has this coffee powder on the bottom of the cup.

My View on Garlic

This is my post about garlic. I like garlic because it has a delicious flavor. It can be used with different ingredients. It has a mild and savory flavor and I think it has a nice smell when it cooks. It tastes really good on a roasted chicken and onions.

Review for Pear Shaped Tea

I got this tea from a store called Bamboo Tea House. It is a blooming tea that is rolled into a pear shape. This tea has a relaxing aroma and it looks pretty when it steeps. It has a pretty red flower and narrow leaves. The flavor is floral, mild and fruity. I think this tea has a good flavor.

Review for White Orchid Oolong Tea

I got this tea from a store called Bamboo Tea House. It is a store that sells tea. This tea is a flavored oolong tea. It has a floral aroma and a medium flavor. This tea has a bitter aftertaste. It has an ok flavor and nice leaves.

My Review for Strawberry Misaki Blooming Tea

I got this tea from a store called Teavana. It is a fancy tea store that sells loose leaf tea. This tea is a blooming tea called strawberry misaki. It has a relaxing fruity aroma and it has a mild flavor. This tea tasted like white tea with a strawberry flavor. I thought it tasted pretty good. The flavor is a bit too weak for my taste though. This tea looked pretty too.

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