My View on Tea

This is a post about different types of tea and my views on them. Those teas are green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea and other teas. Here are my views on the different types of tea.

Green Tea: I like green tea. A lot of it has a nice flavor. This type of tea can be picky with the steeping time and the hot water. I like roasted green tea, jasmine tea and sencha tea.

Oolong Tea: I like this tea. It has a really good flavor. This tea is less picky with the hot water and the steeping time. A lot of oolongs can be reused lots of times. Some oolongs can have a really bitter flavor.

Black Tea: I’m not a big fan of this tea. It is a breakfast tea. This type of tea has lots of different flavors. I only drink this tea in the morning. I will sometimes drink it in the afternoon or evening.

White Tea: I like this tea. It has a nice mild flavor. It is not very picky. It has a tiny flaw. It is a little too mild for my taste buds.

Other Tea: This is about herbal teas and rooibos. Those teas are pretty good. I think these teas are good for the afternoon and evening.

This is a note about how I drink my tea. I like plain hot tea and I like loose leaf tea and some teabag tea.



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