About My Youtube Channel

1) Why do you post videos on youtube?
I post videos on youtube because I have fun making the videos and I like watching my videos. I like giving my videos a name and description. It helps me remember what the video was about.

2) What are your videos about?
My videos are about tea. I am planning on making videos about different food, restaurants, coffee, music, advice, culture and other things later.

3) Why do you talk about those subjects in your videos?
I talk about it because I find those subjects interesting and I think they make good youtube videos.

4) Why should people watch your videos?
They should watch my videos because I enjoy making them and the videos have a good amount of information in a short time frame.

5) What do you do when you are not making videos?
I like to draw pictures, drink tea and coffee, eat good food, play video games, learn new information, do the garden, listen to music, look at nature and read books.

6) What is your favorite video you posted on youtube so far?
I posted this video about gunpowder tea from Heavenly Teas. It is a type of green tea and I enjoyed reviewing it. I will post another video that is even better than that one.

7) What are your favorite youtube channels?
Some of my favorites are Gross Science, It’s Okay To Be Smart, SciShow and I like thebrainscoop.

8) Why do you like those channels?
I like those channels because they can explain science in an easy to understand way and the videos are really good. The hosts are good too.
Thank you for reading this blog post. Good night.


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